Is there a best time to move home? |

Is there a best time to move home?

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Moving House - When is the Best Time?

You may be wondering if there's a best time to move home, whether it's into a house you're purchasing or renting. There is no perfect time to move houses. In fact, there isn't a single time that is right. Your lifestyle and individual needs will determine the best time.

We've created a guide for moving home during the year to help you make the right decision.

New Year, New Beginning?

New Year's Day may seem like a great time to move house. You can start the new year fresh and look forward to a new beginning. There are many things to consider when you choose January to be your move month. First, you will need to make most of your preparations in December. This means that you will likely spend Christmas wrapped up in boxes and other packaging materials.

Additionally, cold weather can make it dangerous for drivers to drive on the roads. This makes loading and unloading furniture and belongings in a van difficult and potentially dangerous.

Christmas Season

Many people dream of moving in to their new home right before Christmas. If everything goes according to plan, then that will be a very special Christmas.

It is important to remember that Christmas can be a very hectic time. You will not only be wrapping and buying a million gifts, but you will also have to fit in work parties, meet up with friends, and do the rounds with your family.

Organisation is key if you want to move during Christmas. Organising everything ahead of time and getting the assistance of professionals will ensure that you move in on schedule. You'll even have a few hours left to decorate the tree.


If you're moving house in the summer, it is important to remember that your children will not be at school. You can view this as a positive (extra help and no disruption to sleep, school, or routine) or negative (little ones running around and creating chaos). It doesn't matter what your opinions on the subject, it will likely influence whether or not you decide that summer is a good time to move.

Remember that heat can make moving more difficult and leave you feeling tired, worn out, and dehydrated.

Spring or autumn

It seems that spring and autumn are the best times to move. You won't have to worry about large public holidays and celebrations, as the weather is much more pleasant.

Half terms are also available if your children prefer to be at school, as well as term time if they want to be away from all the noise.

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