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Moving house checklist

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Summary: A helpful and comprehensive guide complete with a checklist outlining what people need to do when moving house, plus when each of these things needs to be done, to ensure a stress-free and complete move from the old property to the new property with ease. Link: ----- When you're moving house, it can be easy to forget things or be concerned about leaving something out. Luckily, you can now remember what to do and when thanks to this useful moving house checklist. We've comprised everything you need to do before you move house in this simple, summative guide. Read on to find out more.

Before the move

Here are some things you should do prior to beginning to move in your belongings: • Confirm the date of your move-in • Get removal cost quotes • Have a clear-out of belongings you don't want • Purchase packing materials • Pack up your belongings and label them • Arrange removal transportation • Hand over your keys if renting • Inform family and friends of the moving day • Pack your essentials in an easy-to-access location The build-up to your moving day will be very exciting and, at the same time, wrought with nerves. Prepare thoroughly for the day, as it's better to be overprepared for all eventualities rather than underprepared and potentially face a disaster.

During the move

During the move, there are many things to remember to do, including: • Wake up early and have breakfast • Collect the keys for your new property • Check in with your moving team • Confirm you have all of your essentials • Pack up all the boxes neatly and safely • Unload them according to their desired rooms • Take regular nourishment breaks Your move-in day itself will likely be long and, at points, stressful. It's important to remain calm and get all of your belongings transported safely to your new property. It's recommended that you hire a specialist removalist agency for help, but this isn't essential as long as you've properly packed all of your belongings and labelled them using an efficient system.

After the move

In the days and weeks after your move-in, there are more things to remember, such as: • Pay any outstanding removal fees • Unpack your essentials first • Arrange for utilities to be turned on • Change your locks • Set up any appliances • Go food shopping • Clean the property thoroughly After your move-in day, the most important thing to do is get your essentials sorted first. This includes ensuring that you have access to hot water and heating courtesy of a reliable energy provider, and ensuring you can safely store and cook your food. You can find more information about what to do in preparation for moving property in this article.

Have a stress-free move

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