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Top 5 Qualities You Should Look At When Packing For A Move

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Removal companies will always face their own challenges and the last thing that you want is to end up with cardboard boxes that aren’t up to the job of carrying heavy or bulky items safely and securely.
This blog will explain the things to look out for when you are buying protective packing boxes for your move.

1. Box strength - Buy strong boxes

There are two different types of strength in boxes: single and double strength. It’s highly unlikely that you will use single wall boxes for a move because customers like to have a variety of items that may not be able to hold the weight without damaging the box.

It’s mostly recommended to use double strength boxes because they are made in a way that increases the strength in the box. If you have particularly fragile items, you want to make sure that these so you can be sure that your belongings are safe during transport.

2. Size of the box - Not too big, not too little

The only time that extra-large boxes should be used is in extreme circumstances, they are not the easiest to transport and will require several people to lift heavy items. It’s common for removal companies to require multiple people to pack and move the items.

However, most items can be packed so that only one or two people are required to do the job, this will make the removal companies happier because it means that the job will get done quicker.

The double-strength boxes are ideal for storage, packing and removals. If you would like to purchase cardboard boxes ahead of your move, be sure to check out all of our options that have.

3. Low cost options without sacrificing quality are the best price

Cheap cardboard boxes can sometimes be a curse as they compromise quality but there is always a way to save money while still being provided quality packing and moving services. Most companies offer suitable options: used boxes.

You can find cheaper alternatives instead of buying brand new boxes, although it will save you money, I can’t promise that they won’t be as reliable

4. Do not risk failure with quality packing tape

Although it is tempting to save money and buy the cheapest tape available, most people just see tape as tape and think that all of it’s the same. 

If you buy bad packing tape, it won’t stick well and it can cause potential damage to your boxes. So it’s pretty important to find the right tape that is suitable! Oh, and there is even special ‘fragile’ tape that you can use as well if you do have items that are breakable.

Check out our packing tape that we offer, along with our tape dispenser that is available as well.

5. You can reduce the chances of breaking things by using adequate padding

It goes without saying but wrapping your goods to protect them from any damage is an essential part of the moving process. It’s always a good idea to figure out how to prioritize your items that need protection. A box that has soft toys in for children won’t require packing. However, kitchen items that are fragile will.

Most people prefer to use bubble wrap while others choose to use packing paper instead. This can be used to protect any household items and also fill in any empty space to prevent anything from moving during the transport to your new home.

If you are planning to move, we hope that you have found this blog post interesting and it helps you ahead of your move.

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